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Free sand art Tips

Coloring Sand - Made Simple


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What is sand art?

Sand art is the creation of images, pictures, or designs in a bottle or even boxed glass frames made from different colors of sand . These images, pictures, and designs are all done using only one main "instrument" it is a simple funnel. With some skill, patience, and a steady hand equipped with creativity, layer by layer the product is always a one of a kind                               MORE


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Do you do sand art at your school?

If your answer to that is no;  then you are in the right place to get started, Sand art is a fantastic tools that can be applied in almost any class room using  minimum amount of space and a controlled amount of time , it can be applied as a craft or as a learning aid activity, schools have also used it as fund raising activities in open days and carnivals, more about sandart in school .


Learn Sand art online

Sand Gallery is a website run by a group of Sand Artists. We  love to share our knowledge and we are willing to teach you about the sand art process, we provided all  information and resources, e-manuals, example photos, videos, etc in our member zone . All these items will help you become a Sand Art artists in no time and yes , you can do it too! JOIN US today and get access to all that.


Have a design in mind ?

no project is too big and no destination is too far for sand art , we have done custom design gifts, memorials, promotional gifts, garden features, and so on , so don't let your imagination be limited in what you see in this website , the sky is the limits with sand art potentials  give us a new challenge and

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