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Long nose Plastic funnel

Long nose metal funnel

Glass Bottles

Colored Sand





Tools and Funnels : Funnels , Drawing Wires , Dealing Rods, and even special tailored tools for super projects.


Long nose Plastic funnel

Funnels are 32/$50 each for small orders and we will post it world wide absolutely free


it is the main tool in sand art that you will not find this funnel in your local craft shops , its specially designed and manufactured by us for sand art


for bulk orders the price is allot cheaper

Please contact us for more details 


Colored Sand : Our sand is a very fine sand that is imported from Jordan this sand is washed graded and purified before it is colored with permanent colours Our sand for the sand art is grade A which gives you a fantastic finish and a steady flow in the funnel. We can  supply either in bulk or in small amounts. What ever your needs are we will deliver.


Note we mainly supply ultra fine sand suitable for serious art projects and can be an expensive option for kids sand art craft / for a cheaper option check colouring sand in our free tips page


the price of 1kg of the ultra fine sand is 6/$12  to the kilo  packed individually in a plain poly bags all colors are available






Glass Bottles : We manufacture our hand made glass sand bottles in our studio in Jordan in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your needs

picture showing different size from large to small

C4  C3  C2  C1  O.0.

prices for bottles vary depending on order size

the price for small orders under 2000 bottle are
  C4  $10
  C3  $8
  C2  $6
  C1  $5
  O.0. $4

just give to an idea of the cost

for more details contact us  or check more photos and model of hand made sand art glass bottles


Please note: This is not suitable for kids craft as its hand made glass.



Long nose metal funnel 90/$150

this is a hand made metal funnel for professional sand artists that require high precision in there work , its made from very thin metal sheets that gives you better result in your art work . not recommended for starters , free shipping world wide is included in the price


Long nose metal funnel





other destinations  please contact us

notice that no coloured sand is provided with this deal as it cost too much to post , alternatively you can check out your local craft stores , and they should have a wide range of options . also you might want to conceder colouring your own sand and that will cut down your cost dramatically , please check our  free tips page on how to colour your own sand , highly recommended option